Kanye West filed a lawsuit for an insurance company with a demand to pay him $ 10 million

Kanye West (Kanye West) has filed a lawsuit against an insurance company that refuses to pay him a certain sum for the cancelled concerts last fall.

Famous rapper Kanye West last fall because of a nervous breakdown I got in the psychiatric ward of UCLA Medical Center. At this time, the artist was scheduled to more than 20 concerts, which were cancelled .

Filed a lawsuit against the insurers

Now famous American rapper and husband teledive Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) filed a lawsuit for an insurance company Lloyd’s of London, which refuses to pay $ 10 million, claiming that the rapper has no mental disorders.

As it became known, from-for a nervous breakdown Kanye West couldn’t speak at concerts as part of her tour, respectively, the artist has lost no small amount of money. Now he wants them back.

At the same time the insurance organization Lloyd’s of London meets all of the requirements of the rapper’s refusal, claiming that Kanye West was in the hospital because of marijuana use that is not included in the insurance case.


The lawyers of the famous artist sure, now that insurance will look for any option, but would not pay out the large sum. Moreover, according to them, the singer does not use drugs. What drugs are we talking?

It is worth saying that in the fall of 2016 Kanye West said that for a long time, suffering from insomnia. When he came to his doctor, he was advised to undergo an examination. Throughout hospitalization next to Kanye was his wife Kim Kardashian. Although many sources asserted that the couple almost divorced.

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