Kanye West cancels show after show

Something strange is happening in the life of rapper Kanye West. American artist cancels show after show, and does it at the last moment.
So, just a couple of hours before the scheduled concert in Los Angeles Kanye cancelled, and many fans who came to the concert beforehand, was shocked by this turn of events. The next day, Kanye appeared at his office, and reporters immediately rejected the thought of possible illness Vesta – he looked very much alive and, it seemed, was in high spirits. So what happens with a celebrity?

The day before in Sacramento, California, concert Vesta ended very early – half hour after the beginning of the show. After several hits Kanye lashed out at the wife of his friend Jay-Z.
“Beyonce, you hurt me, saying that won’t speak until you beat me in a Video of the year,” said West. Bearing in mind that Beyonce and her husband openly supported in the presidential race the candidate of the democratic party, Kanye remembered the former President, who technically ruled the country. West, supporting Donald trump said that Barack Obama is a weak President.
“Obama couldn’t make America strong, because he could not be what actually is. Black people were slaves. Obama could not afford the extra. It’s hard to be perfect, and it had to be him. But the ideal can not always change d..mo,” said Kanye, causing a whistling in his address. West asked not to send a Hitman on his head, and left the show. Last week, the rapper gave a fiery speech in defense of Donald trump and told him their support, which caused a lot of discontent fans. The concert, he also finished earlier than usual and was no longer able to hear him shouting obscenities.

Recall that Jay-Z and Kanye are friends for a long time, however, the black cat between them ran after robbed the wife of Vesta Kim Kardashian. Once a close friend asked about the state of his wife’s friend, not even a phone call from Beyonce. Spouses Kardashian West is very angry, Kanye did not remain silent during one of his concerts shared nabalam. A little more and from the friendship of rappers will go to hate.


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