Kanye West bans plastic surgery for Kim Kardashian

After the birth of the second child and get rid of excess weight, the Breasts of Kim Kardashian though there have been lush, but is not the same as yesterday. Having enough money to restore the old form with the help of plastic, the star of the reality show “Life with the Kardashians” has set out to do it, but resisted.. spouse Kim rapper Kanye West.

Kim was always proud of his forms, but recently, according to insiders, the Breasts have transformed the lives of TV stars into one continuous problem. Now it drooped, it did stretch, and Kardashian is very upset. Now it is necessary to carefully choose the clothes and accept the fact that she is aging.

Kim is still trying to beg my husband’s permission to do it, but he’s adamant mother, 38-year-old rapper Donda died in 2009 after a routine operation at a plastic surgeon, and he believes that it is better to droopy Breasts, than to remain without a wife.
He told her absolutely not. He is not concerned about breast changes Kim, he was more worried about what could happen to her the fact that his mother, after Donda died after such an operation. His biggest fear is that with the mother of his children might happen” — said the insider.

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