Kalashnikov blames envious in the loss of a child

The star first commented on his tragedy

This year 33-year-old Anna Kalashnikov publicly announced that is pregnant again (the actress already has a son Daniel — he was born in March 2015). But in July it emerged that the star has lost a child. To tell about their experiences, Anna decided only yesterday in his newspaper column on the portal “Russian pioneer”.

It is very hard to remember that period. Especially the comments of her former lover Prokhor Chaliapin, who publicly raised the fun of it, saying that the whole story is invented for the sake of PR. “After some time, once this all became known, there was a collapse, I really ceased to be pregnant. The blame for an accident, and maybe it’s because the world is embodied envy. The result of one. My child no more” — says Kalashnikov.