Justin Timberlake sponsored the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton

American singer Justin Timberlake, like many of his colleagues have already expressed their support for the presidential candidate of the democratic party, Hillary Clinton, and now he and his wife Jessica Biel decided to prove it by a dollar. The couple decided to sponsor the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, as it became known edition of People.

Insiders claim that the August 23, the couple plans to hold a charity event, the purpose of which will be a fundraiser for the presidential campaign, Mrs. Clinton. Iznachalino the fundraiser was supposed to be Leonardo DiCaprio, but as it turned out, he is very busy in this period, and asked Timberlake to replace it.
The ticket price for this event starts at 33 thousand dollars, of which 2,7 – will go to the polls Hillary, and the rest – on the support of politicians from the democratic party that go to elections to the Congress of the United States of America. Clinton herself will also be present at a dinner party. Earlier fundraising for the campaign the Democrats were engaged Hollywood actor George Clooney, which was conducted in April a number of activities, the cost of which ranged from 33 to 350 thousand dollars.

Source: https://news.rambler.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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