Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston celebrated the first wedding anniversary

In August last year under the “classified” was the wedding Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux.

About the event known only to the elect. Other invited thought preparing to celebrate the birthday of Theroux, who just recently turned 44 years.

Yesterday, the paparazzi managed to catch a couple when they went to Madeo restaurant located in West Hollywood. The celebration of the first anniversary of the star also tried to hide from prying eyes, because they came to the school door.

Because of the important dates Theroux, who is now busy shooting in Australia, ceased work and returned home to spend time with his beloved wife — on holiday, the actor is planning to stay for a week.

Calico wedding actors celebrated together, but later brought their friends who congratulated them with a small, but important date.

Note that last year the marriage Theroux-aniston has already passed one test – the death of the mother of actress and despite the fact that women in conflict throughout life, my mom leaving was a loss for aniston. During this period (in the mountain) with Jen was her beloved husband.

Source: spletnik.ru
Photo: spletnik.ru

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