Justin Bieber talked with my mom during a pedicure

On the eve of Justin Bieber shocked his fans (more fans) snapshot with her daughter. And although the controversial canadian was written after that is a joke, but fans have already found a lot of similarity of the singer with the baby. And the next day touring Bieber decided to devote a few hours his mother Patti Mallettwith which they have long had a strained relationship.

Mother and son decided to relax and went to do pedicure at a SPA. On his page in the social network Justin put a photo taken in the process of such relaxation.
We are thrilled that Justin and Patty resumed their communication, because in November last year the actor described their relationship as “nonexistent”.
“We were at a distance, because I was embarrassed. I never wanted to disappoint his mother, but was badly let her down. Some time we do not chatted, and I had to find a way to renew her trust. She now lives in Hawaii, and it’s hard for me to find time to see her. She was a wonderful woman and I love her” — said Justin in an interview with Billboard magazine. Later on, he admitted that with his father he has a more close and trusting relationship than with the mother, despite the fact that she’s the one he should be grateful for all that he now is, in the literal sense of the word. Giving birth to a child early, and even stay with him without her husband, Patti made every effort to make Justin a star of the stage. She studied his musical education, took on endless auditions, until finally, luck smiled at them.
“We are not much in need of parents. For them, the child will always be the center of the universe. They take care of you, foster, I think of hope. And then one day you leave. And you do what you think is right, regardless of their opinion, and don’t appreciate their advice” — Justin talked about his relationship with his parents.
At a difficult time for Bieber and his mom adolescence Justin they started the first confusion and problems. Wayward and caught luck by the tail, the contractor already felt like a celestial being and became the neglect of the mother. This she could not tolerate and left a son to fill their own cones. In March of this year Patti for the first time attended a concert of his firstborn into the framework of his tour “Purpose”.
“What a wonderful concert, Justin Bieber” — she wrote after. We hope that the meeting of mother and son will be more likely, but the relationship is closer.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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