Justin Bieber Selena Gomez fell out with my best friend

Between the best friends Selena Gomez and Taylor swift ran a black cat, or rather, black cat, and his name is Justin Bieber. Singer since 2008 emotional Selene, meeting, parting with her. Taylor repeatedly asked the girlfriend to get over it, because tired of wet shoulder, where Gomez is a often cried she, complaining about the cavalier.

Insiders claim that Justin was trying to contact Selena, while she was in rehabe. He just wanted to make sure she’s okay and has found her way. A couple of very long and closely contacted, and the witnesses of this conversation say that they looked closer than old friends. Supposedly after their meeting, Taylor had a fight with Selena. She was tired from their permanent drama, moreover, because of Justin Gomez have been in rehab with a nervous breakdown.
“Taylor Justin never liked the fact that he visited Selena at the clinic just to piss her off. so much effort to bring the friend out of the doldrums, and that he did it again,” said the insider.
Girlfriend had a fight, and Selena even refused to come to Taylor’s for thanksgiving, though they were not inseparable. Insiders told reporters that swift, not waiting for a girlfriend to visit, wrote her a letter in which he stated that their friendship is over.
At the same time, the relationship between Justin and Selena hardly be called romantic. It is unknown whether they visit each other secretly, but officially each of them is free.

Source: http://www.inquisitr.com
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