Justin Bieber might end up in jail

Justin Bieber will have to answer for their actions four years ago. In 2013, the canadian singer visited Rio de Janeiro, where he not only pleased his fans with a concert, but also arranged the real holiday of vandalism. Bieber, who found that all is permitted to him, painted the walls of the hotel Nacional graffiti, among which was the inscription “Respect personal space”.

It seemed that Justin was not the first and not the last, who spoils his graffiti on the facades of buildings. Here only the actions of Bieber from the rest distinguished by the fact that as his “canvas” he chose a hotel which is the object of cultural heritage of the country. Of course, against Bieber almost at the same hour the proceedings were initiated. But the trial was stopped even faster than it started. Specific reasons why it was done, nobody gave. And now, four years later, when Justin prepares to return to Rio de Janeiro, again with the concert, the city Prosecutor’s office decided to review the case of vandalism.

It is reported that Justin could face a fine (amount not specified) and imprisonment of up to three months.

It is worth saying that Bieber often enough gets to violate the law of the situation, but each time is limited to a fine.

Source: peopletalk.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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