Justin Bieber lost his car

Justin Bieber is a regular participant in ratings of the richest celebrities, young performers, etc. It seems that the singer does not know the account money, which he brings to his work. Bieber often gets himself expensive toys, which once was a car worth more than 200 thousand dollars. But for Justin this acquisition was not something very important or valuable. So much so that singer has even managed to lose the car, and it happened in a strange city.

The singer arrived to his friends in Beverly hills and parked the car in the hotel, Montage Hotel, where he stopped. Apparently, the time, the company had a really good and fun, because in the morning when Bieber went to the airport and flew to Los Angeles, he didn’t even remember about what came to visit for a completely different vehicle, ie – your car.

Only three weeks later the singer was worried that his car Ferrari 458 Italia cost 240 thousand dollars – gone. Then the assistant found Justin’s car, where it remained parked.

Recall that in the garage Bieber has several luxury cars, including a Ferrari LaFerrari for $ 1.4 million, pair of Lamborghini, Fisker Karma, and Porsche Turbo and Audi R8.


Source: peopletalk.ru
Photo: peopletalk.ru

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