Justin Bieber has addressed the fans in an open letter

It’s never too late to say “sorry”. After the recent scandal during a concert in Manchester as part of a tour Purpose World Tour, the notorious canadian singer Justin Bieber decided to apologize for my temper, and explain why in the midst of the performances left the stage.

Recall that the audience began to Boo Bieber when he asked him quietly to sing without shouting and unnecessary noise during the performance of songs. Justin made a few more attempts to establish a dialogue with the fans, but he failed, the fans didn’t let up and strongly expressed their outrage. Fired up, Justin retired from the stage in the middle of the song, and returned to the stage only a few minutes later.
“Some people don’t want to listen, they are doing everything to close your mouth. I know I’ve said a lot of things, but I’m not a robot, I’m human, and can also be wrong. People twist everything that happens with me and my audience. When you say that “Justin doesn’t like it when the audience scream during the concert”, it really is different than media. I’m not opposed to people expressing their emotions, all I ask is that people listen to me at least a little. I know that some people in some cities don’t want to hear me, and sometimes it’s just my job to go to them and say hi. I don’t force anyone to love themselves or to do as I like. I just appreciate the fact that you are listening to me today and light with me. You are just wonderful” wrote Justin on his page on the social network shortly after the concert in Copenhagen. Take a look. will the confession at the behaviour of his fans in the future.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
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