Julia Kudrya has experienced unrequited love

3 years ago I met a guy who was greatly loved. No one spoke, accountable for every action. And he was little, he became more and more terrorized me. She was beaten constantly, insulted, threatened. A birthday party at a common friend’s all got pretty drunk. I burned his correspondence with some girl started screaming and slapped across the face, and he told me in return with a fist in the face. I flew 3 meters, his face was swollen, I thought, my jaw knocked out. Then he strongly apologized, stood on his knees… but history repeated itself. After 2 months I realized that nothing good is not over, and decided to leave. He didn’t try to stop me. Six months I was depressed, I suffered. Because much loved and perhaps still love. Immediately after the breakup he found another … and for 3 years I could not build a normal relationship because I was looking like him. Not the one who fought with me constantly, and the one I truly love.