Julia Kovalchuk is intriguing fans

The singer congratulated the birth of a baby

Rumors that the family of Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov is the addition couple never confirmed nor denied. However, for a time Julia did not appear at social events and in her “Instagrame” were the only portraits that approved fans said the singer hides belly.

And now there is a new photo in full growth. Black-and-white picture there is no hint of a pregnancy, so many fans started to congratulate the star with the birth of the baby. Julia herself continues to remain silent and to keep the intrigue.

‘Why I love black and white photos, and do not love you? It is my observation!”, commented on the Kovalchuk. — ‘It seems to me sometimes more ideas, games for imagination when everyone can paint their way, and, of course, nature.”