Julia Kovalchuk for the first time became a mother

The couple Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov accept congratulations with the addition to the family. According to some, they have a daughter. It’s a pity that neither Julia nor Alex has not commented on the news.

In 2013 Julia and Alex wedding and for four years the fans have been wondering when the couple will have heirs. Only at the beginning of this autumn the couple have confirmed the upcoming addition to the family, Julia posted a picture with a rounded stomach, which then appeared on the pages of one of the glossy magazines.

Birth Julia was decided in Moscow in one of perinatal centers. Despite the fact that the singer spends a lot of time in Spain, she trusts domestic medicine. It is also known that the singer should give birth to a daughter. By the way, the girlfriend Yulia, Rita Dakota, too baby is born. The star discussed that both will become mothers charming daughters.