Julia Efremenkova on stage forgets about all the problems


She was an actress… home stretch, 3 pairs of finalists prepared their rooms. For me it was the best stage! Songs, dances, a scene is part of my a native and a favorite on the stage I forget about all the problems. I’m ready not to sleep, not only work and work, I sing from 5 years and if not for the nodes, I think his life definitely would have connected stage! I want to say a huge thank you to all who worked, tirelessly, selflessly, and doing all the work behind the scenes. This is our make-up artists, costume designers, cameramen, Directors, people who did with his hands all this beauty and those gorgeous decorations, and the guys who helped us in this skit. Thank you very much! All I want to say to our teacher, who is brought to life, who with us did not sleep, worried and worried about us as for herself, it is our Natasha of Marvina, thank you for everything!
[Author: Julia Efremenkova]