Julia Efremenkova made an unusual date for Sergey Kucherov

We have eleven months and I wanted to make for him a date. I don’t like any banal restaurants, because it can be noted in Moscow, and I decided to choose between a yacht and a helicopter. But the yacht was the guys at the bachelor party, and I decided that the symbolic is the helicopter. Symbolic, because we are in a helicopter never flew, and our couple is formed in this land, in the Seychelles… And I really wanted to, we fully inspected this island from the height of flight. We are all great, but, unfortunately, we do not live together according to the rules of the project. It’s frustrating, but for me, that Serge around. I come to the site and can see it there, to communicate. And when given the time, we come to his Bungalow to a little time alone.