Julia Efremenkova can’t pretend

Well my dear, I want to say to everyone who suffered for us and gave their votes! There are very few, and we will know which couple was the best for you. The esters, and flew the soul to Paradise! I currently do not read. I am always up for criticism, but constructive! A watered mud of a stranger, as many attempted to do, weird! Who wants to see me evil, please! I see no reason to change as useless.
One thing I can say, thank you for your support for the team many of the guys was a surprise, and YOU our audience, which delves into the situation from a to z! Yes, we are loud, boisterous, eccentric, we quarrel, reconciled, but we continue to love each other! This is our life, our relationships, not everyone can understand, for someone unacceptable… But here we are with their pluses and minuses, with cockroaches, we never went strategists! We live and real, and you can me a lot of scolding for my behavior, but I nikogla do not wish to deceive himself, his family and his audience, and wear a mask of nobility to achieve the result! With love, your Yulia