Journalists have calculated how much Matt Damon earns for each spoken remark in the “Jason Bourne”

Only one week left until, as Jason Bourne again take up the case. In the new action-Thriller Director Paul Greengrass hero Matt Damon again to get out of a difficult situation. Will he be able to do it successfully – a question. While we are waiting for the premiere of the fifth film about Jason Bourne, the journalists made interesting calculations and determined how much every word Damon in the film.

As it turned out, each replica of the actor, almost their weight in gold, because for each of them Hollywood star gets 1 million dollars.

In 2007, Forbes reported that “the Bourne Ultimatum,” Damon has paid fees in the amount of $26 million According to some, for her role in the film “the Martian” (2015), the actor received $25 million it is Not excluded that participation in the sequel to the spy franchise, the actor has offered at least $25 million, and if so, for each replica in the “Jason Bourne” Damon received about $1 million, the article says.

By the way, recently, Matt said that the new film may be his last in the franchise. The reason for the difficulties faced by an actor when performing tricks. According to Damon in the 45 years and running/buckle/fighting given him a lot harder than 10 years ago.

Note that for the same reasons, from performing the role of James bond refused Daniel Craig.

Source: gazeta.ru
Photo: spletnik.ru

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