Journalists found out the truth about a former lover Lindsay Lohan

The famous expression “was there a boy?” in the case of Yegor Tarasovym can be paraphrased “As if he had millions, which for several months were all the Russian and Western media?”.

The journalists decided to find out how honest and decent person is Tarabarov and conducted to verify its status, search accounts, which are stored millions and found out that actually Egor is a stitch.

According to representatives of the media, it is not Lohan dreamed of becoming the wife of an oligarch or a representative of “Golden youth”. It’s Tarabanov wanted to get closer with the Hollywood star to break into the world of entertainment, as its agent.

Earlier it was reported that His real estate deals. Supposedly it helps the rich clients to buy or sell a house/flat/estate, etc. today, the Agency Tarabarova not functioning, and clients complain that they can’t contact Home House Estates (the so-called Agency Tarabarova — Approx. Ed.).

By the way, the business Tarabarova not so successful, as discussed earlier. In fact, Yegor managed to crank out only a few transactions of purchase and sale, each of which was worth no more than £ 1 million. On the basis of the fees a real estate agent (2% of the amount sold object), Yegor on each sale earn up to 20 thousand pounds.

By the way, dad, ex-fiance Lohan is also not the super-rich and a millionaire.

How did you find the Kommersant, Dmitry Tarabanov owns a house in Arkley Drive in the heart of Barnet. It looks quite modest: the red brick, two floors, small rear yard. Barnett, according to the London real estate Agency Astons, is considered the area for the London middle class.

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