Journalists found out how much Catherine Zeta-Jones spends to care for themselves

Beauty actress Catherine Zeta-Jones many admire. However, recently the 47-year-old Hollywood star got in trouble by becoming a guest of one of the solemn event, Kathryn has generated a lot of rumors that most likely she did any plastic surgery or injection face Botox. And not in a good way. The face of Zeta-Jones, though it was almost without wrinkles, it looked puffy, as if bitten by bees. At least, so say many Internet users. Apparently, the rumors about her appearance knocked the actress to make a post about cosmetic products, which she uses to always be on top.

Visit Zeta-Jones appeared in the Instagram snapshot, which captures all the creams, serums, lotions and tonics, which uses Catherine.

“My Arsenal for beauty of face and body. And no, I don’t use all at the same time”, — has signed a snapshot of your favorite beauty products, the actress. Journalists interested, how much it costs Catherine her beauty and signed – $ 2600.

The most expensive product in the closet Zeta-Jones was cream for neck and décolleté Le Metier de Beaute, which costs $450, and the formula kept secret. Slightly less, $355, is a moisturizing cream Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme. In its composition contains an extract of Artemia Salima — varieties of marine shrimp, which help to restore skin elasticity.

The number of budget products that loves Katherine, argan oil ($20), and pharmacy face masks that cost less than $30.

Note that this is not the biggest amount that a celebrity spends on skin cosmetics. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio can easily pull 25 thousand dollars to maintain fresh appearance and absolutely will not regret it.

Source: elle.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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