Joseph Prigozhin is going to hire lawyers and to sue the daughter

About the scandal between Joseph Prigogine and his daughter Danae to the whole Russian-speaking Internet.

The girl is doing everything to attract my father’s attention to his person and life, to Prigogine don’t like the fact that her daughter uses it, according to him, for self-praise.

The relationship of father and daughter have crossed all borders and now threatens to Joseph, Die court. Correspondence with the Pope, she has published in his microblog .

So, Prigogine wrote to her daughter that she “energetically promoting his own stupidity and foolishness”.

“Don’t you think you have delusions of grandeur, or rather empty star fever out of the blue. You use tricks and lies in order to self-praise. I will be forced to hire lawyers and take you to court for insult of honor and dignity despite the fact that you’re my daughter. And then you disgrace will remain. You shut your mouth. This is my last warning,” write Prigogine angry.

In turn, the girl did not remain silent and in the accompanying comments to this post posted by: “Enough!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!! Don’t close to me!! She will break!!! Just leave me alone!!! Not loved and not love!!! And not Lala!!! Only threatened from childhood! I’m only 19 years old!!! And feel 40 years that annoy you, coming into this world!!! Love can only be given for actions! Nonsense nonsense!! Remember meeting after years!!! Was hysterical!!! Yes, you didn’t care about how it will be. You’re more worried than done. Or for his reputation! No more! Help! No why she’s incompetent! Yeah okay! And he writes all the shit himself! Let me remind you. He started a scandal in that year !! It is called the most controversial man in this world! Only can do is to count the money, and the actions of her mother, and not thinking. Yes, I do not insist! Just nefig to touch my mother!”

Do not say anything. High family relationships.

Source: instagram.com
Photo: cosmo.ru

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