Joseph Prigogine Buzova criticized for her act

Leading “House 2” was able to shock viewers, showing their sex**further skills with a musical instrument. Moreover, her skills led to shock not only the audience of participants and viewers of the reality show, but the project psychologist Mikhail Kozlov, as well as known project Lovelace – Andrei Cherkasov, the website life-dom2.su.

Decided to comment on the scandalous act Buzova and Joseph Prigogine. While many users of social networks call Buzova behave modestly, Prigogine is convinced that the girl showed all that capable. The man emphasized, the success of an aspiring singer is just built on this kind of outrageous antics, and even regretted not personally stuck her flute in her mouth, after all, so he too could be in HYIP.

“Ugh, even looking disgusted, fell below the plinth, a disgrace”, “it’s just unbearable to watch, so why mock the viewers?” – asked the fans of “House 2”.