Joseph Hovhannisyan wants Sasha Black was strong and proud

Most dear at the person is life. The life is given once and we must live it with dignity. In turn I do my best to Sasha was happy. 2 weeks we lived in perfect harmony, pleasing each other, supported and these moments (positive) suggests that we change our relationship and change yourself, somewhere, adapt, or keep quiet so as not to offend. It is always possible to smooth the conflict or even to bring to him.
Recently, Sasha began to show me that I spend very little time with her and spend more time in the team, thereby leaving it without attention. I insisted that we lived in the VIP Building, she always wanted to be closer to the team in order to be aware of all situations so why not with me to go home. I don’t think it is a problem and to turn this into the scandal to me is meaningless. I’m not a tyrant and don’t lock her in her room, she could come to me there and participate in the conversation. She behaves like a little child, who constantly need to walk around, and I want her to be strong and proud.

I love her very much, and I want it heard me and stopped crying every time the dust situation. I’m tired of fighting, I want harmony and understanding. I say this to the fact that outside the perimeter, you want to be with her and to develop, but if these whims will continue with scratch, and unsubstantiated claims to be, then the conversation will be a serious and drastic change! My girlfriend will be with me and will always be afraid to raise my voice, I allowed her a lot, but henceforth I will not allow it. Where I’m wrong, I always apologize, but the hysteria I don’t intend to…