Joseph Hovhannisyan sees many advantages in his participation in “House 2”

A smart man sees a immeasurable area of possible, possible fool believes only what is before his eyes… I can say precisely that the impossible is possible, and if we want something, it may be, but the desire and the immense effort you need to put your leisure and for living in this world, and not for survival.
Summarizing 2017, I can say that the arrival of “House 2” has drastically changed my life, and it doesn’t scare me, but rather only stimulate new achievements and titles. On “House 2” I met my Love and pain was released, and I fall in love again is a big question, but it doesn’t stop there. I also took first place in the “Acting school” for the male lead part in the competition “the Voice House 2”, recorded about 2 arias in my performance. I want to also mention the people I met at “House 2”, where we later became good friends to this day. And of course, my subscribers, without you I couldn’t do it. Thank you for your tremendous support and faith in me, I promise that in the new year I’m going to surprise you and to please even more!!! I want to wish you health, success, energy and self-belief! Hope and strive to ensure that our plans come true!