Joseph Hovhannisyan realized their mistakes

For 5 months of my relationship with Sasha, we tried each other to change. Had a lot of fights, tantrums, tears, we did not spare each other, and tried to prove which of us is right, we haven’t heard and could not find a compromise. So different people together and trying to build a stable relationship. But, something went wrong! I confess, I did not beautiful, sorry I do not! Perhaps if I confessed earlier, it would have been otherwise. But when we do stupid, we do not think with his head (unfortunately). I will say this, if I could rewind time, I wouldn’t change and learn to hear Sasha! Realize when we lose. Alexandra Chernyavskaya is a ray of light in my window, I always find it difficult to lose the ones I love and sometimes could not control emotions and carry all rubbish. The conclusion is that, sorry I do not, and I want Sasha was very happy and loved! She deserves it. You can throw stones at me, and I answer “who are the Judges”. Whole life ahead of you and learn from your mistakes, perhaps you can’t fix anything, and maybe everything will get better, and the harmony and stability we have been unable to find?! Many times we have broken up, then got together and promised each other that things will be different, and then it’s cyclical. At some point it’s peak and we understand that sick relationship do not need anyone. Happiness and goodness to you.