Joseph Hovhannisyan expressed his opinion about the wedding

I always the possibility of pleasing his beloved, pampered flowers and different amenities! But when she kicks me in something to blame or to demand automatically do do not want! As for the wedding, I from an early age I told my parents the wedding is a crucial step and it must be approached soberly and knowing that it is once and for all! For my part I have nothing to promise to Sasha not going, and to give some hope too. At the moment we’re in a relationship occur on a positive note, we are building and trying to be harmonious. Yes, in some moments I am stubborn and stand his ground, it is very difficult to impose opinions, she really doesn’t like that I couldn’t hear her, though it is not, I hear but do. I see the future, I really want children… but I must soberly assess the situation, and the wedding is only when I understand that you were the one, without which my life would be worthless! I really want to be happy, but ask me to say that I have. We must come to it themselves, or not come. Time will tell