Jolie is not priglasili to celebrate thanksgiving

Children of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt believe that their parents will still find ways to reconcile and resolve the conflict that makes them restless for the past few months. Older children understand that the situation cannot be resolved with one conversation, but the kids still hope that gathering the family around one table, all the conflicts will be resolved.

10-year-old Shiloh insists on Thanksgiving mom and dad celebrated with them. The girl even asked Jolie, so that she consented to the coming of pitt to the house and asked him out.

Despite the immense love of God for his children, for reconciliation with brad she is not ready because of no joint celebration and speech can not be.

Note that now pitt seems the children only three times per month, and under the supervision of experts. Now brad is busy promoting his new movie called “Allies”, because of time, the actor are sorely lacking.

Source: gazeta.ru

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