Jolie and pitt are fighting over a French Villa

What is not argued in recent Hollywood the couple Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt, are in the divorce process. This time the cause of the quarrel was the French estate of Chateau Miraval, where the couple were married in 2014.

As it became known, Angelina was never in awe of this place and wanted to sell it, especially after this castle was a sign of a bad marriage. But Brad does not share her opinion, and wishes to leave an estate in the South of France in their property.
“Brad insists that the castle became a trust for their children and themselves when they grow up, will decide his fate. If Jolie is so eager to sell anything, pitt is willing to sacrifice vineyards, but the castle itself leaves their family property,” — said the insider.
Meanwhile, Jolie did some digging, and to his chagrin learned that to sell a castle in France, how to buy it. Re-registration is more than five years and comes in a round pretty penny, that is, the cents. Will the Angelina a principal or listen to the opinion yet legal husband, only time will tell.


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