Johnny Depp will pay ex-wife twice

Actress amber heard decided to teach johnny Depp and force a stingy ex-spouse to pay twice. So, in the day when they divorced, the actress has stated publicly that he was going to spend $ 7 million, which gives her husband as compensation for a year and a half failed marriages, to charity. The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” decided to outsmart her, and said that since she was so generous, he will immediately send the money directly to the funds, but amber is not satisfied – the woman said that if the money withheld from her Bank account, Depp will be forced to pay twice so to charity johnny, unwittingly, otds $ 14 million.

The fact that checks on 7 million, payable to Children’s hospital Los Angeles and another charitable Foundation, the actor has already signed, and to take back, taking money from the sick and disadvantaged children somehow not comme Il faut.
“If johnny wants to amend the settlement agreement, we will insist that he has paid $ 14 million, 7 of which will be amber, and the rest, if he so wishes, to charity. Amber will decide where to direct their funds. We also insist that the whole sum was paid immediately, and not delayed for many years.
All these movements of johnny Depp and his lawyers – just a pathetic attempt to reduce the real pay for their customer’s sauce of the imaginary child care than he has ever conducted — according to the lawyers heard. Well, here they are a bit muddle because johnny regularly helps funds and individuals, for which it was awarded.

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