Johnny Depp for the first time publicly commented on the scandal with his ex-managers

The past year was not easy for johnny Depp. He was divorced from wife amber heard and this process can not be called easy and enjoyable. Amber accused Depp into alcoholism and physical abuse and began to demand 7 million of compensation in exchange for that she will stop talking about their marriage. Well, with grief in half, johnny and amber came to a compromise, but with their managers, who were involved in the financial Affairs of an actor, he has yet to understand.

The fact that johnny was able to figure out – for 17-year partnership, the company TMG was able to usurp the $ 30 million that belonged to the actor. Of course, leave these frauds undetected and to bring the perpetrators to justice johnny could not, for sued. Acted quite rightly, frankly.

Those, in turn, filed a counterclaim and stated that the uncontrolled spending of the artist. Some time star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was silent, but spoke and commented on the situation: “Why didn’t they cast me as a customer, if I was so out of control?” – said Depp. “I worked very, very hard for many years and trusted by many people, some of them obviously failed me,” he said.

Commenting on rumors about the unnecessary waste, Depp said: “It’s my money.” As explained by the artist, if he wants to buy 15 thousand cotton balls a day, that’s his business.

Sources say that over the years, Depp’s Bank account was replenished with the sum of 650 million dollars.


Source: gazeta.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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