Johnny Depp failed to receive another $6 million

Johnny Depp continues litigation with its former managers on the topic of missing from their accounts several million dollars. We will remind, in January the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” stated that the company is TMG, which was her managers, was awarded a total of $ 25 million.

TMG – experienced guys for word in pocket is not reached and as soon as johnny announced their guilt in the theft, they have launched a retaliatory accusation, saying that the money is actually spent by the actor himself. Managers argue that johnny is still the big spender who does not know the account money, they are very surprised when they suddenly end.

The decision on this issue the court has not yet found out. Now checking accounts. Today in business there were new circumstances: Depp said what was stated earlier, the sum of (25 million) you need to add six more. This amount over the last 15 years was spent on taxes and fines, to which Depp is irrelevant.

Interestingly, Depp in his lawsuit said that he was going to provide undeniable evidence of guilt TMG.

Note that johnny Depp does not complain of poverty. For their participation in “Petirah of the Caribbean” in total, he received nearly $ 700 million. Considering what this incredible amount, we can assume that someone could really covet the money of the actor. However, his involvement in the spending TMG does not recognize and say that they have all receipts and records proving that Depp personally spent his money.

Source: peopletalk.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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