Johnny Depp cut off his part of the finger, jealous amber heard Billy Bob Thornton

Johnny Depp and amber heard have secured advertising for the next few months. The scandalous divorce of the couple the whole world is discussing on a daily basis.

Yesterday, the public was presented a video that shows how Depp becomes when he drinks. However, the fact that the video we see johnny prove difficult because it is too bad quality, and the face of a man who rushes around the kitchen in search of either glasses, or bottles of alcohol you can not see. Fans also point out that the video is not exactly their idol, because johnny is not even a clothing and accessories, which represented the main character.

Online videos have yet to understand lawyers Depp.

Today in the leaked new information about domestic squabbles pair heard-Depp.

Amber’s lawyers told the court that in March last year, johnny gave them trust the present scene of jealousy. According to human rights activists, the actor behaved very inappropriately, because it was under alcohol and drug intoxication.

The quarrel went beyond when Depp cut off the tip of the ring finger of the left hand.

As reported by the American portal TMZ, Depp jealous of amber to actor Billy Bob Thornton, with whom she starred in the movies London fields (2014) and “the Informers” (2008).

Note that the wound Depp was an accident: furious actor broke a window and a few bottles, and smashed a plastic phone, running it into the wall. One of the sharp pieces of glass johnny hurt his finger, completely cut off the tip to the bone. Then he dipped his maimed finger into blue paint and wrote on the mirror in the bathroom: “Available amber” and “Billy Bob”.

Evidence of the offense, the lawyers provided the court – it was a photo of the injured hand johnny.

To restore the finger johnny failed, due to the fact that aid the actor appealed immediately, but only after several hours.

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