John Lennon hated Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono for John Lennon became the woman who changed all his life. It was with the Chinese artist began a slow disintegration of the Beatles, whose music was then rattled for the whole world.

In his Yoko John doted and could not listen to their bandmates and friends, who warned him of this relationship. Love Lennon for It was boundless, but there was this small fragile woman that Lennon just couldn’t stand.

As reported by the Western media, recently revealed that his relationship with Yoko, too, was much more rapid than the pair shown. They say he forced her to write a list of all former lovers. And he hated the fact that she knows Japanese is supposedly hiding a big part of her consciousness from him.

Note that the relationship with Yoko eventually led to the fact that The Beatles broke up. This Lennon never forgave him diehard fan mark Chapman shot and idol.

By the way, recently Chapman again filed a petition for his release, but the man was denied.

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