John Krasinski spoke about her meeting with Matt Damon

Matt Damon may be a Charmer, but this does not mean that cannot be a bad pickle. Friend and fellow Hollywood actor John Krasinski said in a recent interview about how I got acquainted with a good sense of humor Damon. John’s wife Emily blunt just starred in the film “Changing reality” (“The Adjustment Bureau”).

In the script the hero Matt long and passionately kisses the heroine is blunt.
“After removed a scene I went up to him and said: “What’s the problem, dude? I just licked my girlfriend.” I said “Okay” and didn’t even know how to respond to his words. Seeing that the joke is not passed, he began to apologize. He said to me, “Oh, my God. I’m really sorry. So sorry” — said John.
Since then they have not only starred together in the film “promised Land”, but also began to make friends families. Emily easily found a common language with the wife of Matt Luciano.
“Our foursome hangs out and drinks too much. Red wine for the three of us and white for John – he has recently been diagnosed with allergies. But it’s not a problem” — once said Emily.
Matt also confirmed the words of John that they often celebrate together and even mentioned a disease Krasinski.
“Our party has become more complicated lately. Recently, John was diagnosed with allergies to red wine, and before that we were the perfect companions for the evening. Now all stake under the tail” — said Matt jokingly.

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