JK Rowling talks about the characters in the movie “Fantastic creatures and their habitats” in the new trailer

New film whose plot is based on the works of JK Rowling, will be released in November this year. To warm up interest of spectators to this event, the filmmakers decided to publish a new trailer.

Recently, the Network was presented the first promotional video of the film “Fantastic creatures and their habitat”, except where clippings from the new history, its author JK Rowling shares her impressions about the heroes.

So, Joan admits that harried heroes whom others often ridicule are her favorites. They were a big part of the franchise “Harry Potter”, and now moved to the “Fantastic creatures…”

Earlier it was told that the events of the film are sort of both a prequel to and spin-off events of the franchise “Harry Potter” and so it is associated with a favorite of all history.

In General, the plot of the film will be based on the story of the student of Hogwarts Suite Scamander, which will bring the Oscar-winning Eddie Redmayne.

The film is set in new York 1920-ies.

By the way, “Fantastic creatures and their habitats” as previously admitted by JK Rowling, wonder by trilogy. I hope she will be able to become competitive with the main “potteriany”.


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