JK Rowling: “Now, with Harry Potter’s over”

The long-awaited eighth book about the wizard Harry Potter “Harry Potter and the cursed child” finally saw the world. Around the world adults and are not very fans of the creations of JK Rowling celebrated her release and last photos with his copy of the book.

The release of “Harry Potter and the cursed child” specially timed to the day of appearance of the character Daniel Radcliffe in the light – that on July 31 he was 36 years old.
The plot of the new book, the event takes place 19 years after Harry defeated Voldemort. This time the Central character is the son of the grown up “boy with a scar on his forehead,” Albus Severus Potter. The Russian version of the book should appear in a week the second.
On the eve of the London premiere of the homonymous play, the script for which was written by Jack Thorne and the Director is John Tiffany. At the premiere appeared and the writer JK Rowling, gave us all a magical world. In an interview with the author of novels about the wizard said, “now, with Harry Potter finished.” The statement satisfied Joan.
“They are great beat material. I’m not going to write the continuation of the story, but this play gives Harry Potter fans something new” — said Rowling.

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