JK Rowling has published their own illustrations for books about Harry Potter

JK Rowling writes not only smoothly but also draws. On its website, the British writer has published illustrations for her most famous book about Harry Potter. She drew them in 1990 before the release of his first novel in circulation – apparently, thought and illustrate a book will have their own.

The figures depicted in black and white. They depict the main characters of the magical world of Rowling. Besides Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione can be seen and guess Severus Snape, the giant Hagrid, and even the Ghost of a Hogwarts pivsa.

We will remind that soon the world will see three collections of short stories about life the universe of Harry Potter, in which we will focus on the secondary characters. Garry, as recognized Joan at the premiere of the latest stories about Potter, finished.

Source: http://metro.co.uk
Photo: http://metro.co.uk

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