JK Rowling and George Martin made the list of the highest paid writers

Forbes magazine continues to inform us about “the most”. This time the magazine has published the rating of writers whose skill brings them the most profit.

So, despite the popularity of some authors, on the basis of works which Hollywood almost every year in films, the income they get from this is not as big as you want (here we mean J. K. Rowling or Stephen king).

The leader of the rating of the highest paid writers headed by Jeff Patterson is the author of a series of novels about Alex Cross. Earnings masters is $ 95 million.

On the second line Jeff Kinney (19.5 million dollars), who wrote the bestseller “diary of a weakling”. The third position is JK Rowling ($19 million) has released a series of books about wizard Harry Potter.

Stephen king was in fifth place, earning only $ 15 million.

Found in Forbes place and depraved lover of scribbling Erika Leonard James (“Fifty shades of grey”). Its profit was $ 14 million.

The rating Dan brown (“da Vinci Code”), Rick Riordan (novels about Percy Jackson) and George Martin (“a Song of ice and fire”) — 9.5 million dollars.

Source: gazeta.ru
Photo: playbuzz.com

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