Jim Carrey upset that a suicide note to his girlfriend became public

Last fall, Hollywood actor Jim Carrey, whom we used to see mostly in a Comedy film, were shocked by the news that his ex-girlfriend 28-year-old Catriona white committed suicide. The reasons for such action were not clear, but recently published a suicide note fills in some gaps in this tragedy.

“Three days I spent alone. I refuse to believe that you are no more around. I could live with a broken heart, to try to piece together parts of it, but I have no more strength and no willpower. I gave you the best part of it. I don’t know anything about the funeral and such things. You are my closest people, my family. I’m sure you all will do the right thing. Please forgive me. I’m just not meant for this world,” wrote Catriona. Recall that Kerry once again broke up with her a few days before her suicide. According to friends of the couple, it wasn’t even a gap, and the decision both to live separately, as the saying goes, take time out to understand what they mean to each other. But Catriona decided to dot all the I other awful way.

Today, Jim Carrey commented on the fact of publication of a suicide note on his former lover in the media, saying it was “a great shame”.

“When I arrived in Hollywood to pursue their passions, I learned that all of the details of my personal life will be discussed by the press. She has become as available as discount coupons for dinner. But I never want the people I love most in life, also come under this wave of discussions. It is a great shame, “said Kerry.

We will remind, Catriona and Jim met in 2012. White came over from Ireland and worked as a makeup artist on a movie set where they filmed Jim. They began an affair that suddenly stopped in may of 2013. Two years later they met again and tried to resume their relationship. But something went wrong…


Source: mirror.co.uk
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