Jennifer Lopez feared for his life because an elderly fan

While 47-year-old Jennifer Lopez enjoying relationships with Drake, “crazy in love” singer a fan of dropping tears. And all because of the unrequited feelings and forbidden judicial resolution, which implies the impossibility of a 64-year-old Tim Maclanahan to get closer to Lopez.

The document said that the man has no right to approach Jen closer than 100 meters. But now Tim exults and Lopez going through again. The fact that the prohibition expires on the day, and it means that now she will repeatedly encounter Maclanahan. New ban Jen could not be obtained because of insufficient reason. Apparently, now the actress will have to wait for new ingress in your house, again to protect themselves from the attention Tim.

We will remind, in August 2016, Maclanahan somehow snuck into the yard of the Los Angeles home of Jennifer. When he police arrived, Tim made no resistance and was released the next day. He later followed her in his car on the way from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and then was sent a bouquet of flowers with a note: “I’m glad you’re feeling better”, although Lopez was not sick.

Now the singer believes that she faces a real risk because she doesn’t know what to expect from the fan. I hope that no unforeseen situations will not arise.

Source: hellomagazine.com
Photo: hellomagazine.com

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