Jennifer Lawrence staged in Budapest a drunken fight and threw the opponent a beer

In one of the bars of Budapest, the famous actress Jennifer Lawrence took part in a drunken brawl, and even doused his oppressors with beer. The actress herself told this in the TV show “Late Night with Seth Meyers”. On his YouTube channel was published the text of this television show Friday, September 15.

Lawrence told how she, acting in Hungary in the picture “Red Sparrow”, I decided to go with colleagues to a bar and drink. In drinking establishments to Lawrence, a man came up and asked her to take a picture. The actress refused, and the man her “sent”.

Such rude very angry Jennifer, so she rushed on the offender with fists and poured him a beer. Lawrence calmed down only after a friend asked the star not to waste the alcohol.

Earlier in the Internet was published the trailer of the movie “Red Sparrow,” in which 27-year-old Jennifer Lawrence plays a Russian prostitute.