Jennifer Lawrence refused to give an interview to journalists from Russia – 24???

27-year-old Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence took part in a press conference in London, devoted to the premiere of the film “Mama!”. In the event the girl refused to communicate with Russian journalists.

As stated by Brussels journalist Joel Lehrer Twitter when Russian journalists arrived at the press conference, they announced their refusal to Jennifer Lawrence to communicate with them. Then representatives of Russian media asked to leave the event.

Previously, journalists were warned that Lawrence has no desire to communicate them. However, Paramount Pictures Studio, which is promotorom of the film “mother!” promised to resolve the situation, which they did not.

A source “Daily Poster” said spokesperson Lawrence confirmed the failure of the actress to give an interview to Russian journalists “for political reasons”.

Jennifer Lawrence | ivona.bigmir.net

Recall that the premiere of the Thriller “mother!” the main role which was played by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, will be held in Russia on September 14.