Jennifer Lawrence is suffering from paranoia

The phenomenon of paranoia is not uncommon for celebrities. their public life promotes the idea that they may become the target of someone’s harassment, even when it is not so.

That she suffers from paranoia, admitted recently Jennifer Lawrence. Did the actress in the Studio of Ellen DeGeneres, where he came to promote a new film with his participation – “Passengers”.

The events of the film develop on a spaceship populated by five thousand passengers. A huge car with people loaded on to a flight into an artificial sleep, heading for a planet that will become their new home. Everything goes according to plan, but because of a system failure, two passengers suddenly Wake up and understand that until your final destination is — 90 years, and they are destined to spend rest of his life together in the luxury vehicle, equipped with the latest technology.

According to Lawrence, the shooting of this unusual history has given her extremely difficult. Despite the fact that most of the heaviest work went to her colleague, Chris Pratt, Jen still feels a certain pressure: “All the heavy work fell on his shoulders. I suffer from paranoia mixed with delusions. So, I think if I’d been on a real spaceship, I would have never been able to have children.”

Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: Space

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