Jennifer aniston wants to get away from Justin Theroux. What is the reason?

In the life of Jennifer aniston, believe many Western journalists, could not be happiness. She must suffer: so due to the fact that Angelina Jolie stole her husband, due to the fact that after breaking up with brad pitt she has long had an awkward relationship with men, because of the absence of children, because of the infidelity of her present spouse Justin Theroux.

About the last I want to tell you more.

The tabloid Star reported that the star of the show “Friends” got jealous husband to his co-worker on the voice of the animated film “the LEGO Ninjago Movie” and model Olivia Munn during a joint dinner in Paris. The couple was in a romantic capital, but the night court are not specified. Aniston was so disappointed joint pastime, which quickly left the restaurant where they were and that same night flew home to Los Angeles.

Interestingly, while aniston was on Board the plane, Justin’s in his room comforting a blonde woman: couple seen together on the balcony. What about this situation thinks aniston, is difficult to assume, especially given that over the past few months, it is not the first report of infidelity Theroux.

Recall, close to a couple of informants said that on the phone her blessed aniston discovered his correspondence with the 28-year-old actress Emily Meade.

Emily and Justin met on the set of the series “Left behind”. And although work on the detective drama ended in 2014, the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Theroux continued to chat. According to Jen, it’s “communication” is rather a suspicious character. Aniston feared that the foreign Ministry and Theroux can be lovers.

By the way, discovered correspondence Jen said to Justin, after which the couple took a serious quarrel. During the scandal the actress was saying, “Friends don’t write that!”.


Source: elle.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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