Jennifer aniston refused to have dinner with brad pitt

Divorce Jennifer aniston and brad pitt took place over a decade ago. It would seem since these actors no longer anything to join, however, the press and the fans hoped that those two would be together again.

Once again it began to speak, when it was announced the divorce of pitt with Angelina Jolie. Almost at the same moment there was speculation that now, since brad is practically free, aniston will hasten to seek a meeting with him, leaving her husband Justin Theroux and try again to build happiness with your ex. But Jennifer didn’t take it. even more – she refused to have dinner with pitt, when she received the invitation.

Informants said that brad decided to invite Jen to dinner in London, where they each promoted their new movie (“Christmas party” and “Allies”).

According to Heat magazine, between the former spouses had a brief telephone conversation. Jennifer aniston brad pitt assured that mentally she is with him in this difficult time for him, but for this meeting there is free time.

Source: intermedia.ru

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