Jennifer aniston candidly spoke about the difficult periods of life

Jennifer aniston candidly spoke about the difficult periods of life

Star gave a speech at the film festival in Italy.

Hollywood actress and wife of Justin Theroux Jennifer aniston, an open letter admitted that there have been many moments of doubt in life.

A touching speech was made by Jen at the Italian Giffoni film festival and, according to Contact Music, did not hold back tears during it.

The actress urged women to withdraw from social networks in the real world and to look for creative inspiration.

“I think women need to be encouraged to be interested in not only dresses, beauty and selfie. You need to talk, to postpone the phone in and out of social media, take breaks from social media. That’s why we don’t see (in the movie) tells the right story, because everyone is stuck in their phones,” said the actress.

After this thesis sounded in the hall, the question to aniston: does it happen to her so that she wakes up in the morning and did not understand who she really is. Giving the answer, the star cried.

Not enough fingers and toes in this room to count how many times I have had such moments,” she said.

“In the end, we are all human, you’re a waiter or a Baker, a student or someone else, in the end, we all udarama on the wall I think “I can’t continue”. Or “this too”. “My heart can’t stand this” or “too much” or “am I good enough?” “Will I survive this?” But you somehow miraculously overcome. Just say to yourself: “I can’t, Yes I can, Yes, you can,” admitted aniston.

While the world famous actress said that all the celebrities, first of all, ordinary people.

“And just so you know, your actors, your idols, your icons, as you call them, in life they have all been there many many times. They will not separate from you, because we all started from the same place. We all came out of nowhere. Do not punish yourself for these feelings. Go talk to people and ask for help, and always looking for what will inspire you,” concluded Jen.


Source and photo: tsn.ua