Jennie Garth was shocked overweight

Actress Jennie Garth, star of TV series “Beverly hills 90210”, shocked by his recent appearance in public. Paparazzi caught a celebrity in the yoga Studio, and I must say, it’s very necessary. Jenny was not just to learn – until recently, it was a slim athletic woman, and today beauty is not gone. 44-year-old actress made a remarkable recovery.

Two years ago, Jenny divorced her husband, Peter Facinelli, and wanted to “focus on his health.” The actress managed to lose weight quickly and again to Shine in tight dresses and jeans. Judging by the cap pulled on his eyes, Garth does not want to be recognized, and this can be understood because now she is not in the best form.

What happened in the life of the actress that she had brought herself to this state is still unknown.


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