Jean-Claude van Damme and Dolph Lundgren return in a serious movie

Studio Dawn’s Light Media creates a new project, which will be an opportunity to demonstrate your fighting skills and Jean-Claude van Damme and Dolph Lundgren.

The stars of “Universal soldiers” have given their consent to take in the action movie called “Black Water”/”Black water”.

In the center of the plot will be an undercover operative (van Damme), who, being unconscious, is in a secret CIA prison, located on a specially equipped submarine. Now the hero Jean-Claude have to understand how it got there and what to do next. How this will help him a hero Lundgren, not specified. What role did the Swedish actor is not yet known. It is emphasized that in this film project, the actors for the first time will be on the same side.

The timing of works and possible rolling schedule of the film at the time of this writing was not specified.

Note that in recent years the names of these two actors do not sound as often as before. Militants from men turned into films easier. For example, in 2016, the audience could see Jean-Claude van Damme in the television series “Jean Claude van Johnson” and the film “Kickboxer” which is a remake of the popular 80-ies of the last century Thriller.

Lundgren has replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger in the remake of “Kindergarten COP”, and also participated in the film “hail, Caesar!” the Coen brothers.

Source: aceshowbiz.com
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