Javier Bardem admitted that he did not want to start a relationship with Penelope Cruz

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz can be called one of the most harmonious couples in Hollywood. The actors seems to have been made for each other, because when Javier said that he doubted whether he should start a relationship with Penelope, I believe in it with difficulty. However, it’s true. In an interview with reporters GQ 48-year-old Bardem admitted that after he and Cruz struck a spark, he thought seriously about the prospect of developing a relationship with a passionate Spaniard.

“She’s so alive. There were scenes in which we argue, and she throws plates on the floor. I asked the question: “do I Want this?”. It has what I call “the loving blood.” She has a passion for everything”, says the actor. However, after some time Bardem “surrendered”, when he realized that this endless passion makes Cruz even more beautiful and sexy.

We will remind, meeting of the pair took place on the set of the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. In 2010, their marriage took place, and in 2011 their first child was born Leonardo. In 2013 was born the daughter of the Moon.

Note that Penelope about himself some other opinion. She says she’s not passionate, but rather stubborn and unwavering: “I’m terribly stubborn. Ask my mom, and the first thing she would say about me: “stubborn as a mule”. I prefer to call myself anything — persistent, persistent. This quality is my best friend and worst enemy. I always defend my opinion. Not only in work but also in personal life. Always say just what I think. Or do not speak if not consider it necessary. Journalists know how difficult it is to deal with me. But and loved ones a little easier. Although for the sake of their loved ones I’m ready for anything. That’s just not can be a little more flexible.”

Source: graziamagazine.ru
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