Jared Leto has hinted at the possibility of creating a separate film about the Joker

Whole year Director David Ayer intrigued us with his new creation. Fans of the comic book stories were waiting for the premiere of “suicide Squad” as a gift for the New year. And lo! The long-awaited show took place and we finally saw Margot Robbie and the role of Harley Quinn, and Jared Leto Is the Joker.

Note that fans of the Summer was still slightly disappointed. The fact that the screen the Joker appears only in several scenes, i.e. a complete transformation of Jared at the fool with the green hair we didn’t enjoy.

In an interview the frontman of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars gave recently, he has intrigued fans, giving them reason to think that a separate film about the Joker may well take place. Summer noted that David Ayer has filmed a lot of footage with the Joker in the future would be the “blind” full movie.

“I think that showed a lot every time I stage. It must have been filtering the huge mass of madness,” said Summer.

It is worth saying that, despite the heavy advertising of “suicide Squad” of critics, the picture was disappointing from the first second. The fans have not found anything that can attract the viewers and called “the suicide Squad” a disappointment this year.

But you have already managed to appreciate this comic book adaptation? Your opinion?

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